Chaplains Made the Difference in WWII

Make a difference for them by preserving their history


Remembering their Bravery, Service, and Sacrifice


WWII Chaplains

Field Services are necessarily unpretentious, but Marines in the South Pacific area feel that they hold more meaning than if they had been held in the surroundings of an ornate cathedral.

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Our Collection

The WWII Chaplains Memorial Foundation has collected many original artifacts pertaining to the chaplain's mission during the war. The collection is constantly being expanded, researched, and photographed so that the history of the World War II chaplain will not be lost.

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Chaplain Ignatius Maternowski was killed on D-Day, June 6, 1944, after he negotiated with a German medic for a joint aid station for German and American wounded.

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How To Help

There are two ways you can help us preserve the memory and history of WWII chaplains. 

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“Not for my safe return, that wouldn't be fair. Just pray that I shall do my duty... never be a coward... and have the strength, courage and understanding of men. Just pray that I shall be adequate.”

Lt. Clark V. Poling
United States Army Chaplain

One of four chaplains who gave his life vest to another soldier on the sinking U.S.A.T. Dorchester on February 3,  1943


Preserve • Research • Educate

Much focus of WWII history is on battles, weapons, and generals. Few know the important roles of chaplains with our soldiers, sailors, and marines. Our purpose is to collect, preserve, and retell the roles, duties, and missions of over 8,000 active duty chaplains during WWII. Their stories, artifacts, and photos are disappearing quickly.