D-Day Week Itinerary: 3 -10 June 2019



Group 1 is Green

  • Kelly Carrigg, U.S. Embassy Paris, VFW Post #605 Paris

  • Paul Belgacem,* formerly U.S. Embassy Paris

  • Peregrine and Ben Olander,* American University of Paris

  • Jeanne Marie and Henry Ensminger, Family of PFC Charles N. DeGlopper

  • COL John (USA, Retired) and Mary Dabrowski, Friends of Father Ignatius Maternowski and WWII Military Chaplain’s Foundation

 *8 – 10 June (weekend only)

 Group 2 is Blue

  • Joseph Hamilton, Director of Mission Advancement Franciscan Friars Conventual and Friend of Father Ignatius Maternowski

  • And, Joseph Hamilton’s Family:

    • Mrs. Kristin Hamilton

    • Lydia Hamilton

    • Stella Hamilton

  • Father Martin Kobos, OFM Conv., Friend of Father Ignatius Maternowski/Celebrating Mass at Cauquigny Chapel on 8 June 2019.

Monday 3 June:

Group 1 will depart for Normandy between 13:30-14:00. We will arrive at Kate O’Briens in La Bonneville by 18:00.

Tuesday 4 June:

Morning Visit Sainte-Mère-Église

Early afternoon - Visit Vivian and Rodolphe ROGER at La Fière. Vivian will provide two vehicle passes. Give her requested items for the jump (dressings, etc.)

Late afternoon - Dinner with Katherine and Peter O’DONNELL-MURPHY

Wednesday 5 June:

10:00  Gourbesville ceremony (Note: Bayeux Ceremony – Carole Brookins)

11:30  Amfreville ceremony (507th PIR, 82nd ABN DIV)

Parachute drop and Vin d’honneur (wine and snacks) to follow at the local community center; all are invited to attend.

Lunch - TBD

Afternoon open to visit other sites. Group can decide.

Thursday 6 June (TBD – As of now, still no word from ABMC):

Omaha Beach ceremony at Colleville-sur-Mer (if we get passes – there is still no news from ABMC)


Utah Beach ceremony – Ernie Paolucci, VFW Post #605 WWII Vet, will attend.

Coordinate with Dane Morriseau (VFW Post #605 Surgeon and Veteran of 36th Armor Division) if we want to go to Utah Beach.

Friday 7 June:

10:00 DeGlopper ceremony at La Fière (Lay wreath for VFW Post 605)

11:00 Waco ceremony near Cauquigny

16:00 Timmes Orchard ceremony

17:00 Parachute drop

18:30 International Party

Saturday 8 June:

10:00 Maternowski ceremony at Guetteville in Picauville (Lay wreath for VFW Post 605 and two wreaths for Franciscans). In addition to the soldiers present, Chaplain/LTC Koyn will attend the ceremony.

11:30 Mass at Chapel in Cauquigny - Fr Martin Kobos will bring religious items to celebrate mass. Meet with Louis Marion and family (Louis is the last witness to Fr Maternowski’s actions on 6 June 1944).

Sunday 9 June:

La Fière Parachute Drop

We will watch the jump until early afternoon from Vivian and Rodolphe ROGER’s Bed and Breakfast on the DZ. The International Winging ceremony will take place at Iron Mike across the street @ 15:00.

We can then stop by SME (the town square will be full of paratroopers of all nations and WWII re-enactors with vintage equipment).

Monday 10 June:

Return home to Paris and the USA.

Matt Ferdock