With dedication and pride we work to preserve the history of World War II chaplains.



Chaplain (Colonel) Robert F. Berger, AUS, ret.

Veteran of the Vietnam war. Retired from the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps with 25 years of service; retired from pastorate after 25 years of service; now focuses on telling the story of the military chaplaincy.



Matthew Ferdock

Founder and CEO of DataCeutics. He applies the same drive and passion needed to create a successful company to the study of WWII Chaplains. Over the years, he has collected many original artifacts, including vehicles used by the chaplains during the war, and has a lot of firsthand accounts of the chaplaincy.



David Ferdock

Twenty-four year educator. Collector of many firsthand accounts from WWII Veterans about their experiences with Army and Navy Chaplains. He is responsible for scheduling the group's participation in Living History events and the set-up of the military chaplaincy displays.