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Much focus of WWII history is on battles, weapons, and generals. Few know the important roles of chaplains with our soldiers, sailors, and marines. Our purpose is to collect, preserve, and retell the roles, duties, and missions of over 8,000 active duty chaplains during WWII. Their stories, artifacts, and photos are disappearing quickly.

The Second Continental Congress authorized chaplains for the Army on July 29, 1775 and for the Navy on November 28, 1775, predating the Declaration of Independence by almost a year. The Air Force chaplaincy was established on July 26, 1949.

The spirit behind our organization is the drawing together of these men of God from many different denominations in support of a fundamental American right: The American soldier has the right to worship God and to receive the ministrations of his religion wherever he may be.

Chaplain (Colonel) Robert F. Berger, AUS, ret.

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Where are the Chaplains?


The 28th Infantry Division Headquarters Company Chaplain's Reenactment Group was formed over ten years ago. It was conceived by Chaplain (Col) Robert F. Berger. During a World War II reenactment, he took note that there were no chaplains being represented. He then suggested that his two nephews, Matthew and David Ferdock, help create a reenactment group that focused on the life of chaplains during WWII.

This was the beginning of the WWII Chaplains Memorial Foundation. The group now attends approximately 12 living history events a year, and their display tells the story of Faith and the chaplains. They have incorporated original artifacts, including chaplains kits, military vehicles issued to chaplains, original photographs, and other objects all involved in the work of the WWII chaplain.

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. All artifacts are donated or purchased from private funds and donations. Anyone who would like to help continue to present the stories of these brave men, please donate to the foundation. Thank you.