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Living History of WWII Chaplains


The WWII Chaplains Memorial Foundation has collected many original artifacts pertaining to the chaplain's mission during the war. The collection is constantly being expanded, researched, and photographed so that the history of the World War II chaplain will not be lost.

In addition, thousands of original WWII chaplain photographs have been collected from original photo albums, wire service photos, and press photos released to newspapers. Each photo and artifact comes with a story, and it is that story we are committed to preserving and sharing.

These artifacts are used throughout the year during World War II Living History events. At these events, these original chaplains’ items are displayed inside our unit’s World War II Living History tent. There, members of this Chaplains Living History group tell the stories connected to these men and the artifacts they used. These Living History events are a great way people can physically interact with the world of the World War II chaplain.

Our website is updated regularly with new items, stories, and a current schedule of WWII Living History events. 


Chaplains' Artifacts Display
Some of our chaplains' artifacts on display at a WWII living history event in eastern Pennsylvania


A Sampling of Our Collection

Artifacts and History of WWII Chaplains